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Wellness Effect of Organizing and Holding Competitions of Professional Skill Among People with Disabilities

The movement of Abilimpix is currently actively developing in the world. Its main goal is the maximum possible integration of disabled people into professional activities and their improvement through it. For the development of this movement in the member countries of the International Federation of Abilimpix, non-commercial organizations have been established and are actively operating. Their activities are ultimately aimed at activating the hidden reserves of the disabled person’s organism through his active participation in society, changing the status of the disabled person in his eyes and the eyes of society in the country concerned to a “full member of society”. As a result, the most important task is being solved: fullfledged socialization of disabled people with the maximum possible rehabilitation. For this reason, the main technologies of the Abilimpix championships are held by the standards of the International Federation Abilimpix. Recognition of their high efficiency and thoughtfulness allows them to be actively used in conducting such professional competitions in the Russian Federation. It is considered justified when organizing similar competitions in Russia to take into account the already existing experience of holding previous championships and competitions for disabled people. This experience is particularly important as a result of the development in the course of its application of compensation for impaired functions and increasing the labor potential of disabled people who have started preparing for participation in competitions. The consistent application of the Abilimpix International Technologies developed earlier in the conduct of professional skill contests in the Russian Federation is able to ensure the development of vocational education and vocational guidance for persons with disabilities, which subsequently allows them to actively participate in labor activities.

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