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Which is the best endotracheal tube fixation method?

Objective: Unintended extubation in critical care settings may prolong ICU stays. A stabilization endotracheal (ET) tube decreases unplanned extubations. There are several tapes available in healthcare facilities for ET tube fixation. Here, we aimed to investigate which tape is the best for ET tube fixation. Methods: This study was a pilot study conducted at Semi-intensive medical care unit, Mahasarakham Hospital. We enrolled patients who needed ET tube intubation and assigned one ET tube fixation method; adhesive tape, fixumull tape, and cotton tape. Each ET tube fixation was performed by trained ICU nurses. Outcomes of this study were displacement of the ET tube and displacement of the ET tube in rotation. Complications of ET tube fixation were also observed. All participated nurses also evaluated each fixation methods in terms of easy to use, complications, and overall satisfaction.

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