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Without a Doubt, I would do it Again: A Study of Physical Quality of Life in Bariatric Surgery Adults

Obese older adults who do not lose weight may be facing years of discomfort, lack of mobility, and chronic ill health. The aim of this study is to compare perceived energy level, mobility, sleep and overall health in bariatric patients across four adult age groups.
A 40-item questionnaire was mailed to 2520 patients of a Midwestern weight management center who were ≥18 months post-procedure. The 534 respondents were divided into four age groups in years: 18-49 (n=171), 50-59 (n=148), 60-69 (n=138) and ≥ 70 (n=77).
All age groups lost weight after bariatric surgery, and all groups experienced some weight regain. Over 79% of all age groups reported being satisfied with weight loss since surgery. Perceived health, energy level, sleep and mobility improved significantly resulting improved quality of life among all age groups. The young group were less positive with their quality of life. Nevertheless, when participants were asked if they had to do it over again, most (86%) said, “Without a doubt I would do it again!”
This study indicates adults of all ages benefit from the weight loss after bariatric surgery. In addition to the decrease in BMI across all age groups, there is a significant improvement in quality of life.

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