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Jixiang Wu

Jixiang Wu, PhD
Department of Plant Science
South Dakota State University, USA

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Dr. Jixiang Wu works at the South Dakota University. Ph. D., Agronomy (Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding), Mississppi State University 2003.M.S., Statistics, Mississippi State University, 2003, Ph.D., Genetics and Plant Breeding (Statistical Genetics), Zhejiang University, 2001.Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding, Zhejiang Aricultural University, 1994.B. S., Genetics and Plant Breeding, Zhejiang Aricultural University, 1991.

Research Interest

Using the mixed effect approaches in quantitative genetic model development and evaluation and and their applications in genetics and plant breeding. • Developing a model framework and software that unifies different models for different types of responses including continuous, ordinal, and nominal distributions. • Developing linkage mapping algorithms with high accuracy to construct large-scale linkage maps. • Genetic mapping including QTL mapping and association mapping • Applications of spatial statistics in agriculture • Applications of resampling techiniques including permutation, jackknifing, and bootstraping to control type I error rates and increase testing powers when statistical assumptions are violated. • Using C++, Splus/R, and SAS to develop software specifically for genetics and breeding studies


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