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Toru Hosoda

Toru Hosoda, PhD
Departments of Anesthesia and Medicine
Harvard Medical School, USA

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Dr. Toru Hosoda obtained his MD and PhD degrees from Tokyo University, Japan, on investigation on cardiac developmental biology. There, he had identified and reported a novel gene, Midori, which works at a very early stage of myocyte differentiation. Subsequently, he joined Dr Piero Anversars laboratory in 2004 to investigate on tissue-specific stem cells. More specifically, he has been involved in studies characterizing the mechanism of proliferation, differentiation, migration, and senescence of bone-marrow, cardiac, and lung stem cells and thereby contributed to the following publications. He is planning to work further to pursue the potential clinical applications of these cells for the treatment of numerous human diseases.

Research Interest

Dr. Toru Hosoda research interest lies in Tissue-specific stem cells, Cardiac stem cells, Myocardial regeneration, Heart failure, Myocyte turnover, Aging.


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