Mattia Fortina, MD

Editorial Board Member

Department of Orthopaedic and Traumatology,
University Hospital of Siena, Italy

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Dr. Mattia Fortina born in 1974 October 21, graduated in Medical School in 2000 and in Orthopedics and Traumatology in 2005. Doctor at the University Hospital of Siena, Italy, since 2006. Teacher at the University of Siena, School of Physiotherapy, Orthopedic School for Resident, and at Post-graduated Master in Physiotherapy applied to Sport. Completed international trials on: arthroplasty coating and wear, osteointegration, Trombohembolism, Epicondylitis, intraarticular Hyaluronic Acid. Corresponding Member for the International Orthopaedics, Reviewer for: Saudi Medical Journal, Advances in Orthopedics. Members of the Editors team of the Mayfeb Journal Of Medicine. Head of Organization and scientific board in National and international Congresses. He has spoken and he has presented  works in national and international congresses and courses and published papers in international journals. He is the director of the medical staff of the Tuscany Camp, a rehabilitation and performance centre of the national running team of Italy, Uganda and Burundi.

Research Interest

Biomechanics, athletic movement , athletes performance, risk of injury, coaching Pharmacology: antibiotics, antitrombhoembolic drugs Traumatology: upper and lower limbs, internal and external fixation Arthroplasty: coating, tribology, surgical instruments, surgical approaches, clinical and radiographic outcome