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Research Article, J Otol Rhinol Vol: 3 Issue: 4

Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Approach to Petrous Apex Cholesterol Granuloma

Mohamed Badr-El-Dine, Ahmed Aly Ibraheim, Yasser Shewail and Samy Elwany*
Department of Otolaryngology, Alexandria Medical School, Egypt
Corresponding author : Samy Elwany
4 Kfr Abdou Street # 605, Roushdy, Alexandria 21925, Egypt
Received: May 21, 2014 Accepted: July 15, 2014 Published: August 08, 2014
Citation: Dine MBE, Ibraheim AA, Shewail Y, Elwany S (2014) Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Approach to Petrous Apex Cholesterol Granuloma. J Otol Rhinol 3:4. doi:10.4172/2324-8785.1000168


Endoscopic Transsphenoidal Approach to Petrous Apex Cholesterol Granuloma

Study Background: Cholesterol granulomas of the petrous apex are inflammatory reactions following obstruction of air cells within the petrous apex with subsequent transudation of blood and liberation of cholesterol that stimulates foreign body reactions resulting in granuloma formation.

Methods: We report three cases of petrous apex cholesterol granulomas that were treated via the endoscopic transsphenoidal route.

Results: The study included 3 patients (2 males, and 1 female). The patients were completely asymptomatic during the 24 months follow up period with no recurrences or complications.

Keywords: Petrous; Apex; Cholesterol; Granuloma; Sphenoid; Transsphenoidal

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