General Science

General science is the basic science module which consists of different scientific streams. The aim of the category is to provide the current information on the topics related to life science, medical science, applied science, physics, chemistry, mathematics, zoology, social science in terms of civics, economics, law, and other associated subjects. SciTechnol serves the need for the wide range of readers in multi-disciplinary fields to enrich their scientific understanding and knowledge.

SciTechnol currently publishes wide range of papers over 100 online Journal titles with Hybrid or Open Access mode. All the articles are peer reviewed and well evaluated by the editor and reviewers for quality publication which contain the updated data and information for the reader across the globe.

List of Journals

General Science Conferences

16th International Conference on Structural Biology

Bali, Indonesia

Genetics Mutations & disorders conferences

Miami, USA

Cytology and Cytopathology

Miami, USA

2nd International Conference on Enzymology

Singapore, Singapore

9th World Congress on Glycobiology & Glycochemistry

Dubai, UAE