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2020 Conference Announcement, Acpy Vol: 2 Issue: 2

2020 Announcement of Pathology and Pathological Disorders Conference

Annie Fonfa

Activist, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Annie Appleseed Project, Serrano Terrace, Florida, USA, E-mail: [email protected]

Keywords: Participation Lectures

Submission guidelines and registration prices information for Speakers and Delegates are posted on the website

Online entries will be accepted from Oct 30-31, 2020.

Pathology 2020 will be held in Madrid, Spain from March 23-24, 2020.

Pathology 2020 aims to discuss the wonders happening in the ever growing field of Pathology. This conference is an acting stage for business professionals, Pathologists, Directors, academicians, technicians and mainly students to showcase their innovations and new ideas. Pathology 2020 will have more than 50 International renowned speakers to share their latest research results to participants; the planned program will cover a variety of subjects in the field of Pathology. The conference will also provide an opportunity for interaction and interchange ideas through posters, open discussion and program project. We strongly believe that the exchange of knowledge and experience will result in a strong global collaboration between you and us

*Are you willing to showcase research results and recent objectives achieved? During Pathology 2020, all participants will be able to provide at the registration desk a poster outlining your main results. Why?

Because you will have the chance to present them at the Knowledge exchange session (March 23 forenoon) and meet the authors of the speech you find most interesting during the final Networking Session!
Pathology 2020 aims to provide our Participants by the following means of information delivery:

• Enhance the depth of learning by explaining new methods and techniques and clarify the latest developments compared to the old methods, which the audience will be able to perform and use the information in their practice.

• Improve the degree of skills of Pathology and different parts of Pathological professionals including students by participation in lectures, workshops, hands-on courses and seminars.

• Improve the awareness regarding latest advancements in Pathology materials, instruments and techniques by demonstration from specialized professionals in the field.

• Provide information, methodology and strategy related to the management and quality improvement of the Pathological clinic.


• Meet Experts & Influencers Face to Face

• Networking Opportunities

• Learning in a New Space

• New Tips & Tactics


Contact Person:

Diana Carroll
Whats-app No:  +44 1992-238-007
Email: [email protected]

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