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2020 Conference Announcement, Int J Glob Health Vol: 2 Issue: 2

2nd International Conference on Lifestyle Disease & Medicine scheduled in Las Vegas, USA during March 16-17, 2020

Jerome Palazzolo

Professor of Psychiatry, University of Senghor, Alexandria, Egypt; Email: [email protected]



Meeting International successfully hosted the International Conference on Lifestyle Disease & Management in Paris, France during March 27-28, 2019. The conference focused on the theme “Live with the Right Style, Have a Good Lifestyle”. Lifestyle Diseases 2019 on lifestyle diseases and management gave a chance to scientists, medical practitioners, research scholars and students to interact and share their knowledge and experience in different lifestyle diseases.

Lifestyle Diseases Congress also provided a global opportunity to the people from both academia and industry to interact for a noble cause of bringing about a change in the society by exchanging their ideas and putting forth the causes and solutions to the effects of lifestyle diseases on a wide number of people worldwide. Lifestyle Diseases 2019 successfully completed with renowned talks, keynote sessions, poster sessions, special sessions which were mainly focusing on Lifestyle Diseases, Hypertension and Lifestyle, Way to a Healthy Heart, Lifestyle and Being Obese, Insulin Junkie?, Lifestyle and Bones, Hormonal Play, Brain Drain.

The adepts who promulgated the theme with their exquisite talks were: Understanding chronic pain: The mind-body connection by James F Zender, James F. Zender, PhD, USA; Harnessing the understanding and advancement in neurology and neurosurgery by Richard Klein, Michigan Head & Neck Institute, USA; The wellness purpose connection: Understanding how eating and exercise leads to happiness and purpose in life by Sheron Brown, Sweet Eden by Sheron, USA; Revise the caesareans, save women lives by Christos Tsitlakidis, Pinderfields Hospital, UK; Personalized & precision medicine (ppm) as a model of healthcare services of the next-step generation to secure the national stability and the biosafety by Sergey Suchkov, Sechenov University, Russia.

International researchers from health sectors put forth their contribution and with their special interest conducted workshops to share their research practices on Use of modern molecular biological methods for translational research and as tool for cancer patient stratification by Jens Claus Hahne, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK; Plant-based diets and healthy living – Highlights from Loma Linda University lifestyle medicine research by Jennifer Chevinsky, Loma Linda University Health, USA; Sitting position craniotomy in neurosurgery by Prasanna Udupi Bidkar, Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, India.

Surpass your research practices and medicinal values on various lifestyle diseases and healthcare by joining our upcoming conference “2nd International Conference on Lifestyle Disease & Medicine” scheduled in Las Vegas, USA during March

16-17, 2020. This annual conference highlights the theme "Changing Lifestyle to be Healthy". As lifestyle is an important factor for being healthy, the Lifestyle Disease 2020 summit will be a meeting point for researchers, scientists, students, industry doyens to discuss the various issues related to the lifestyle maintenance and medicines related to it. Las Vegas has been chosen as the venue for Lifestyle Disease 2020 summit and it will be a great opportunity for participants to travel around the city to get a glimpse of the city of resort.

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