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Market Analysis, Ecdr Vol: 5 Issue: 3

3rd Annual Congress on Diabetes, Obesity and Its Complications


Associate Professor, Department of Toxicology, Complutense University, Spain, E-mail: javierdp012@gmail.com

Keywords: Diabetes

Global diabetes market is expected to develop at a CAGR of 7.6% percent during the period of 2018-2023. The market is segmented on the basis of type of diabetes into drugs and diabetic devices. Diabetic drugs have the highest market share amongst drugs and devices and are also expected to have the highest growth rate with a CAGR of 8.9%.

The global diabetes care devices market is expected to reach US$ 39,382.3 million in 2027 from US$ 23,354.3 million in 2018 with a CAGR of 6.1% from 2019-2027.

The market is driven by the factors such as, increasing occurrence of diabetes, rising geriatric population, increasing incidence of obesity across the globe, and rapid technological advancement in diabetes care devices. However, the factors preventing the market growth are high cost of diabetes care devices and risks associated with the insulin delivery systems.

Presently, more than one in two adults and nearly one in six children are obese. Obesity is one of the major issues and affects people of all ages and incomes globally. According to World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults aged 18 years and older were overweight. And out of these over 650 million adults were obese. Therefore, owing to these factors the market is likely to witness growth during the forecast period.

Global diabetes care devices market is divided by product and end user. The product segment is additionally divided as glucose monitoring devices and insulin delivery devices. The glucose monitoring devices is further segmented into Glucometers, Lancets, Testing Strips and Other Glucose Monitoring Devices.

The insulin delivery devices are further categorized into insulin pens, insulin syringes, insulin pumps and other insulin delivery devices. The glucose monitoring devices is expected to dominate its market share in 2027 owing to the rise in the prevalence of the diabetes. Based on the end user the diabetes care device market is divided into hospitals and clinics and home care. The homecare held the major market share among the end user segment owing to ease of use, availability, and accessibility of insulin delivery devices.

Some of the major sources included in the report for the diabetes care devices market are World Health Organization, American Diabetes Association, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Diabetes UK, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Chinese Diabetes Society, International Diabetes Federation and others.

Some of the top selling diabetic drugs include

• Lantus (Sanofi)

• Januvia (Merck And Co)

• Humalog (Eli Lily And Co)

• Novorapid (Novo Nordisk)

• Levemir (Novo Nordisk)

• Victoza (Novo Nordisk)

• Janumet (Merck And Co.)

• Novolog (Novo Nordisk)

• Humalin (Eli Lily And Co.) and

• Galvus (Novartis)

With the diabetic population expected to cross the 350 million markets by 2030 the market is expected to show strong growth rate. Diabetic drugs are highly priced which could be one of the major drawbacks.

Major Diabetes Research Associations around Asia Pacific

• Diabetes Australia Research Program

• Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)

• The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

• The Diabetes Research Foundation Western Australia

• The John Curtin School of Medical Research

• The NHMRC Centre of Clinical Research Excellence on Clinical Science in Diabetes (Diabetes CCRE)

• Baker

• The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

• Diabetes Australia

• Austrian Diabetes Association

• Dietitians Association of Australia

• Diabetes Association Brisbane

• Canadian Diabetes Association in Sydney

Major Diabetes Research Associations around Globe

• International Diabetes Federation

• American Diabetes Association

• Canadian Diabetes Association

• Diabetes New Zealand

• Diabetes United Kingdom

• Glycosmedia

• Diabetes Indian Association

• Diabetes Australia

• Austrian Diabetes Association

• Diabetes UK

• Diabetes South Africa

• Spanish Diabetes Society (Spain)

• Swedish Diabetes Association

• Korean Diabetes Association

Major Universities on Diabetes Research

• Albany Medical College

• Baylor College of Medicine

• Creighton University School of Medicine

• Dartmouth Medical School

• Florida International University College of Medicine

• Georgetown University School of Medicine

• Howard University College of Medicine

• Harvard Medical School

• Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

• Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine



Daisy Jones
Program Manager | Diabetes Congress 2020
E-mail: diabetes@globalconferences.net | diabetes@asiameets.com
Whatsapp: +44-7723584354

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