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Editorial,  Int J Ment Health Psychiatry Vol: 5 Issue: 4

4th International Conference on Psychiatry and Psychological Disorders November 09-10, 2020 | Paris, France

Mojtaba Mafi

Medical Doctor, School of Medicine, Tehran university, Iran, E-mail: [email protected]

Keywords: Psychiatry


We feel glad to inform that with support of the speakers, young and brilliant researchers, delegate and may more from all across the globe, Conference Series LLC Ltd is proud to announce successful completion of 31st International Conference on Psychiatry & Mental Health | October 24-25, 2019 | Helsinki, Finland with an innovative theme “Achieving Mental Wellness by understanding Human Mind”. The conference proceeded through various Scientific Sessions and the following keynote lecturers by the eminent professionals.

The adepts who promoted the theme with their elegant talks as follows

Title: A disrupted blood brain barrier may allow potentially new epileptic treatments

Alain L Fymat, International Institute of Medicine and Science, USA

Title: Management of work-related stress, adaption, economic crisis and bullying risks

Javier Fiz Perez, European University of Rome, Italy

With a big blast success of the previous conference it motivated us to announce an upcoming conference “4th International Conference on Psychiatry and Psychological Disorders | November 09-10, 2020 | Paris, France. With an innovative theme. The conference will be inaugurated with an opening ceremony followed by Keynote sessions and followed by a series of lectures delivered by both Honourable Guests and members of the Keynote forum and an Exhibitor

We have come up with an idea of honouring the members.

• Best Keynote Speaker

• Best Speaker

• Best Masters/Ph.D./Postdoc Thesis work presentation

• Best Poster Award

• Best Video presentation award

Mentalhealth-glob-sub-2020 is looking for the doctors, researchers, young and eminent speakers, top proficient delegate, scientists, students from different universities, hospitals, research groups, associations from all across the globe and will highlight various topics which include neuroscience, Psychiatry, mental health and many more. The conference is excepting eminent keynote presentation, Oral presentation, poster presentation, video presentation, Moreover the Best Poster award and Best speaker awards will be distributed by the Chair and co-chair of the session.

Mentalhealth-glob-sub-2020 conference provide great opportunity for students as students can explore their research work and learn new research work from the eminent speakers by interacting with them. It would be a great opportunity for them to explore and enhance their knowledge. Students have the opportunity to share their own ideas and views on the mention topics. There are several sessions under which they can give their presentation. E-poster is a major categories only for the students.

Conference Series LLC Ltd coordinates 3000+ International conferences across the globe in view of knowledge transfer through debates, poster presentations, workshops, symposia, round table discussions and exhibitions.

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