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Short Communication, Jceit Vol: 9 Issue: 4

Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computing

Ramineni Sharath Kumar*

Department of MBA, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India

*Corresponding Author: Ramineni Sharath Kumar
Department of MBA, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
Tel: +919951616262

Received: September 10, 2020 Accepted: September 21, 2020 Published: September 28, 2020

Citation: Ramineni Sk (2020) Artificial Intelligence with Quantum Computing.J Comput Eng Inf Technol 9:4 . DOI: 10.37532/jceit.2020.9(4).233


Quantum AI (QAI) is associate degree knowledge domain field that focuses on building quantum algorithms for up procedure tasks at intervals AI, as well as sub-fields like machine learning. The whole idea of quantum-enhanced AI algorithms remains in abstract analysis domain. Quantum mechanics phenomena, superposition and trap, area unit permitting quantum computing to perform computations that area unit way more economical than classical AI algorithms employed in laptop vision, linguistic communication process and AI. The whole idea of quantum-enhanced AI algorithms remains in abstract analysis domain. Building on recent theoretical proposals, initial sensible studies recommend that these ideas have the likelihood to be enforced within the laboratory, below strictly controlled conditions’.

Keywords: Quantum computing; Artificial intelligences


Quantum computing ought to have an on the spot impact on ancient AI models and algorithms, like non-supervised learning and reinforcement learning, in step with the investigator. “Dimensionality reduction algorithms area unit a specific case. AI systems rely upon huge amounts of knowledge that algorithms ingest, classify and analyze. Quantum computers will facilitate a lot of exactly classify that knowledge in step with specific characteristics. Eventually, quantum computing-based AI algorithms may facilitate determine patterns that area unit invisible to classical computers.

The key to success is to translate our real-world issues into quantum language. ... It’s expected that AI, and above all machine learning, will take pleasure in advances in quantum computing technology, and can still do therefore, even before a full quantum computing resolution is on the market.

Quantum computing goes from one thing that is theoretical to sensible. And it’s on its thanks to having real impact. A replacement partnership between Microsoft’s Azure Quantum and Honeywell offers differently for organizations across the world to be introduced to quantum computing.

Google’s quantum laptop consists of microscopic circuits of superconducting metal that entangle fifty three quits during a complicated superposition state. ... Whereas classical computers will stack several operative bits in their processors, quantum computers struggle to scale the amount of equal they will operate.

The intent of quantum computers is to be completely differentia special unique distinct} tool to resolve different issues, to not replace classical computers. Quantum computers area unit nice for determination improvement issues from deciding the simplest thanks to schedule flights at associate degree airfield to determinative the simplest delivery routes for the FedEx truck. Today, one quit can set you back $10,000 – and that is before you think about analysis and development prices. At that worth, a helpful universal quantum laptop – hardware alone – comes in at a minimum of $10bn. This for a machine whose true industrial price is much from warranted.

Quantum computing is a neighborhood of computing targeted on developing engineering supported the principles of scientific theory that explains the behavior of energy and material on the atomic and subatomic levels. Classical computers that we tend to use nowadays will solely write info in bits that take the worth of one or zero. At the start of 2019, IBM undraped its 1st industrial quantum laptop. Quick forward to January 2020, and therefore the company claimed at CES 2020 that we tend to area unit currently within the decade (the 2020s) of quantum computing.

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