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Awards 2020, J Otol Rhinol Vol: 8 Issue: 6

Awards announcement of 7th International Conference on Rhinology & Otology during October 22-23, 2020 in Tokyo, Japan

Riya Olivia

Head of the H&N Surgery Unit, Alexandria University, Egypt, E-mail:

Keywords: Otology

Conference Series LLC Ltd is organizing “7th International Conference on Rhinology & Otology” is going to be held in Tokyo, Japan during October 22-23, 2020. The theme of the conference is “Advanced Scientific Improvements in the Field of Rhinology and Otology”. This event is being supported by global renowned scientists, researchers, decision makers and principal investigators. Otolaryngology 2020 is anticipating numerous participants from different parts of the world.

Expert Level:

This award is to acknowledge outstanding scientific achievement in otolaryngology research, taking into consideration independence of thought, originality, the significance of discovery and research. It is the most prestigious award of the event and given to the expert with excellent contributions discovered in advanced otolaryngology and the award is tagged as Scientific Service Achievement award. The eligibility to receive this awards is one should have 20+ years of experience in otolaryngology field. The nominee must be productively engaged in leading-edge otolaryngology research.

Professional Level:

Experts are invited to nominate those individuals whom you think have made an outstanding contribution to the organization. The award for outstanding contribution to advance otolaryngology will be given to an individual for contributions to the direct application of new innovative techniques. The eligibility criterion is specialists having research experience of 10+ years in the field of otolaryngology with the most significant achievements.

Scholar Level:

The conference offers Scholar Level award for the upcoming researchers, analysts and specialists having 10+ years research involvement in otolaryngology field. Our event provides an international stage to extend your system by sharing your research experience. Presentation involves 25-30 minutes of oral talk on the research subjects dependent on the theme of the meeting alongside 5 minutes board talks. You can nominate deserving of the award online.

Women Scientist:

Conference Series LLC LTD welcomes women researchers from universities/industries having 10+ years of research understanding to join the event. We are glad to support our women scientist/researcher participants through research awards and help and inspire them in their career development. Women scientists can nominate deserving of the award online.

Outstanding Speaker:

This award is recognizing for individual who will present their projects, strategies, and study in otolaryngology that have been carrying out to improve long-term excellence in the field. You can nominate deserving of the award online.

Best Keynote Speaker:

This award is recognized for best Keynote speaker who will give presentation which is most relevant to the theme of the conference and executed his/her talk in an impressive way in the field of otolaryngology. In the event, if you were confirmed for keynote speech by the Program Manager, you can nominate deserving of the award online.

Best Poster Presentation:

Student poster competition is carryout out at the conference to support student researcher and M.Sc./Ph.D./M.Phil./other scientists to present their unique works in the related field. Conference Series targets setting a stage for all the researchers to exhibit their real-time work and share their perspectives and views related to the theme of the conference. You can nominate deserving of the award online.

Outstanding Masters/Ph.D./Post Doctorate:

This award is recognizing for Masters/Ph.D./Post-doctorate thesis work presentation who will present their research attracting local and/or international community in the field of otolaryngology through their thesis presentation. You can nominate deserving of the award online.

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