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Research Article, Jor Vol: 10 Issue: 4

Correlative analytic overview of anthropometric and morphological parameters of pinna


Introduction: The morphology of pinna is quite complex. The knowledge of anthropometry of normal pinna is required to surgeons for surgical reconstructions, to the manufacturers for the design of hearing aid instruments and to forensic specialist for identifying a person. Objective: This study aimed at determining the mean values of various anthropometric measurements of pinna, about sex related dimensions and right-left symmetry. Methodology: The measurements are taken from 100 healthy young medical students aged 17-30 years using a digital venire caliper. The parameters measured were Total Length of Pinna (TLP), Width of Pinna (WOP), Physiognomic Index (PI), Postaural Angle (PAA). The presence or absence of Darwin’s tubercle and degree of lobule attachment was also studied. Result and Conclusion: The mean values for TLP, WOP, PAA in female subjects were found to be respectively 61.3 mm, 33.1 mm, 26 deg for the right ear and 60.9 mm, 32.6 mm, 26.4 deg for left ear. However, in male subjects, these values were, respectively 62.9 mm, 34.2 mm, 27.4 deg for right ear and 62.7 mm, 33.4 mm, 27.5 deg for left ear. The morphology of pinna according to our study is short and circular with Physiognomic Index >50. The Darwin’s tubercle was present in 45%. The lobule was adherent in 14% of subjects.

Keywords: Pinna; Anthropometry; Post aural angle; Plastic surgery

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