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Letter to Editor, J Otol Rhinol Vol: 6 Issue: 2

Epiphora after Inferior Turbinate Surgery

Ramadan O*
Independent Researcher, ENT Registrar, Paterson, USA
Corresponding author : Omar Ramadan, MD
Independent Researcher, ENT Registrar, Paterson NJ, USA
Tel: +1 973 563 9283
E-mail: [email protected]
Received: December 31, 2016 Accepted: February 07, 2017 Published: February 14, 2017
Citation: Ramadan O (2017) Epiphora after Inferior Turbinate Surgery. J Otol Rhinol 6:1. doi: 10.4172/2324-8785.1000308


A 48-year-old man presented to our outpatient clinic with 15 days history of left-sided epiphora that started after septoplasty and B/L SMD. The clinical examination show grayish cyst under the right inferior turbinate, while no cyst was seen under the left inferior turbinate. His preoperative coronal CT-Scan demonstrated the existence of B/L moderate ‘cyst’ beneath the left and right inferior turbinate together with dilation of the nasolacrimal duct. The postoperative coronal-sinus CT failed to reveal cyst under the left inferior turbinate. Full ophthalmologic and otolaryngologic assessment was conducted for this patient.

Keywords: Epiphora; Inferior Turbinate Surgery

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