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Research Article, Jceit Vol: 9 Issue: 3

Fingerprint Detection on Attendance Portal (Biometric)

Vartika Sharma*

Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Inderprastha Engineering college, Uttar Pradesh, India

*Corresponding Author: Vartika Sharma
Department Computer Science & Engineering, Inderprastha Engineering college, Uttar Pradesh, India

Received: May 25, 2020 Accepted: July 24, 2020 Published: July 31, 2020

Citation: Sharma V (2020) Fingerprint Detection on Attendance Portal (Biometric). J Comput Eng Inf Technol 9:3. doi: 10.37532/jceit.2020.9(3).228


Proper attendance recording and the board has gotten significant in this day and age as participation and accomplishments go connected at the hip. Participation is one of the hard-working attitudes esteemed by managers. A large portion of the instructive establishments and government associations in creating nations despite everything use paper-based participation strategy for keeping up the participation recording with biometric participation framework. The one of a kind sorts of fingerprint makes it perfect for use in participation the executives’ frameworks. Other than being secure, Fingerprint based participation framework will likewise be condition benevolent. Fingerprint coordinating is generally utilized in crime scene investigation for quite a while. It can likewise be utilized in applications, for example, personality the executives and access control. This survey joins the issues of participation frameworks by and by being used, working of a run of the mill fingerprint based at framework, investigation of various frameworks, their focal points, inconveniences and examination dependent on significant parameters.

Keywords: Biometric; Fingerprint; MAT Lab


Understudy scholastic participation is significant since it will influence the understudies from picking up information and abilities just as their evaluations. This venture has related about the understudy participation framework through the coordinating of their fingerprint to affirm their participation. The fundamental reason for doing this task is to build up a half breed understudy participation framework for which work area-based application is created to get the participation of understudy by fingerprint and post/survey the participation results utilizing electronic understudy participation framework. As we probably are aware, there is one and only one fingerprint happens on the planet for every individual which will never has duplication. Along these lines, fingerprint participation.

Framework can be known as the best verification to distinguish the individual understudy participation record. What’s more, as indicated by the innovation these days, it isn’t improving the academic display of understudies similarly as the instructing state of the educators. Thusly, the purpose behind doing this endeavor is to thwart bothersome situation occur and to find the issues that causes these issues similarly as find the responses for overcome these issues. Nowadays, most schools and colleges are so far using the standard cooperation system which anticipates that understudy should sign on a touch of paper each time they go to a class all through the whole semester. Using the standard support system, we can unmistakably see that there are relatively few issues, for instance, it will be no fortification for the interest records once the teacher by chance lost the cooperation sheet, course mate help the people who didn’t go to the class sign the investment which in any case called buddy stamping likewise, hard in separating and following understudy displays subject to investment factor, understudy nonappearance of data and aptitudes due to the poor interest in going to classes, etc. It is basic to beat these issues since it will help in improving the academic show of understudies similarly as the instructing state of the educators. Accordingly, the purpose behind doing this endeavor is to hinder unwanted condition occur and to find the issues that causes these issues similarly as find the responses for overcome these issues.

Literature Survey

In higher learning establishments, for instance, universities, interest is made required for each understudy with the ultimate objective for them to appreciate the subject taught in class. With the nearness of the unique mark scanner, it has been made basic for teachers, for instance, speakers to record understudy support. Besides, Zhu [1] communicated in their examination that unique finger impression scanner goes with various central focuses which consolidates ease of use, enduring, stand-out, average foe of fake part and is continuously seen by various people. The development behind this segment is biometric affirmation. Biometric is used to separate common data which is related to human characteristics and traits. A couple of common characteristics are as of now used in biometric structures, for instance, iris, voice, face and fingerprints. It is progressively trustworthy to use natural characteristics to recognize people that the ordinary system, for instance, pin numbers or passwords. As referenced in [2,3], among all the natural qualities, unique mark is even more comprehensively used as up close and personal unmistakable confirmation technique since two or three decades back. In our assessment, upgrades have been made with respect to security, cost, and execution. We analyze and take a gander at on the redesigns that have been made when diverged from the past endeavor.

Proposed Methodology

In this segment, the proposed unique finger impression acknowledgment framework as portrayed underneath. Unique finger impression enlistment On choosing the enlist button the finger impression scanner R305A gets a checked finger picture as an information. The picture is of 8-piece BMP design. The picture created is 256*288 pixels. This picture procured is sent to the ensuing squares for additional preparing. Layout age the picture created then experiences the linearization, diminishing and picture improvement process. The framework produces a layout of the finger picture dependent on preparing results. The format size is 512 bytes. The format produced can be moved to the microcontroller Atmega328P by means of a USB interface.

Continuous System The framework is made ongoing as we utilize a RTC (DS1307).The RTC is utilized to give a constant security to the sections of the unique mark. The RTC gives records of jump years additionally of up to 2100.

Unique finger impression Matching For coordinating client enters the finger through the optical sensor and framework will create a layout of the finger and contrast it and the formats of the finger library. For 1:1 coordinating, framework will contrast the live figure and explicit format structured in the module [4]. For 1: N coordinating or looking, framework will scan the entire finger library for the coordinating Figure 1.

Figure 1: Flow Chart.

Choice of Match The choice for the match or disappointment is shown by the Microcontroller on the Led gave. On the off chance that match is discovered, at that point a specific assignment is given consent or probably it is denied.

Recovering the information: The information of the passages made can be recovered at whatever point required by interfacing it to a PC. The GUI structured gives the subtleties of the coordinated and unparalleled layouts. The unique mark acknowledgment and distinguishing proof framework has been actualized utilizing microcontroller. This distinguishing proof of unique mark is cultivated by coordinating the layouts of the info section and the database framework can be upgraded to follow the appearance and leave time of the understudy or worker for extra observing


Biometric innovation is a successful apparatus to confirm personality and distinguish false issues. Examination affirmed that the biometric information can be set and affirm the character of the client. Extending the utilization of biometrics will upgrade the capacity to identify fake issues within the sight of the understudies in class or representatives in an association. As far as productivity and execution, the current work has furnished an examination with the customary technique’s participation framework. By utilizing the blaze memory, the information is very much organized. This framework is User friendly and truly dependable. Along these lines, it tends to be executed either in associations or instructive foundations. The participation the board framework can be improved by including the highlights that demonstrate if the worker or understudy is late. A portion of things to come improvements for this are to stretch out the present glimmer memory to store the total subtleties of the understudy.


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