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Editorial, J Ind Electron Appl Vol: 5 Issue: 6

Introduction to the Fundamentals and Modern Industrial Electronics (IE)


Department of Electrical and Electronics, Menoufia University, Al Minufya, Egypt

Corresponding Author:

Mahmoud Zaki
Department of Electrical and Electronics, Menoufia University, Al Minufya, Egypt



Keywords: Automotive Technology, Computational Intelligence, Control Systems and applications, Electrical Machines and Drives, Factory Automation


This trend is primarily driven by demand to low power and low voltage requirement on the buyer physics market. With the continual growing trend towards the reduced offer voltage and semiconductor unit channel length, coming up with of high performance analog integrated circuits like operational electronic equipment in CMOS (Complementary Metal Compound Semiconductor) technology becomes a lot of vital. Industrial physics could be a broad subject. The areas of interest of the society are evolving over the years and were reflective the adoption of latest technologies that were rising at the time. The Nineteen Seventies were dominated by the interest microprocessors, Eighties introduced AI, and later mechatronics applied to industrial plant automation. The first twenty first century brought industrial data technology and a lot of advances in industrial plant communications and automation. Power physics aims square measure associated with wattage management and acquisition at the very best potency levels. Power management ranges from the watt and also up to few giga watts and many kilovolts. Low power, low voltage applications square measure associated with chip provides movable recharge and power management, energy gather and low voltage lightning like junction rectifier. As way as medium power cares, power physics is wide used as switch mode power provides to control voltages or in association with motors and wherever it operates as drives in electrical quality applications like electric vehicles, trains and tramways, however conjointly within the trade, anyplace torsion or speed management is needed. With the target to optimize the ability consumption, power physics and motors square measure optimized to exhibit efficiencies within the vary of eightieth for medium power applications up to ninety fifth in high power applications. Within the higher power variance, power physics is found in HVDC or terribly high installation management wherever voltages and power square measure severally within the variance of many kilovolt and MW. The speed, efficiency, and economy of today's microprocessors build them a perfect tool to be used within the management, activity, and process of analog data from transducers. Analog values from associate in nursing input electrical device are often digitized with associate in nursing ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter) and transferred to the electronic equipment via the info bus. Conversely, the electronic equipment will write a digital worth to a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter) to drive associate in nursing output electrical device. Several PC interface circuits involving associate in nursing along signals use a tool known as an analog switch.

IR Transmission and Reception

Associate in nursing analog switch are often turned on or off with a digital management signal, and may be used for multiplexing analog signals or for remotely configuring analog circuits, so as to perform power management and acquisition, power physics relies on switched mode operation. Thus shift and filtering of voltages and currents square measure the fundamentals of power electronic converters, due to this operational principle, power physics is in a position to control power flow and electrical quantities at high potency levels. this can be obtained due to a succession of states permitting power flow or not and presenting low loss in operation points: once power flows, minimum ON state losses square measure created and once power flow is stopped, solely terribly little escape currents square measure created. Extra losses square measure generated to vary from one state to the opposite. With all this regulation approach is greatly a lot of economical than linear regulation methods. This will be obtained with the assistance of power devices, active and passive, with nice electrical characteristics. As way as active devices square measure involved, power transistors or diodes with reduced ON state fall quick shift characteristics and reduced escape current square measure looked for the simplest operational behaviors. Considering passive filtering devices like inductors or capacitors, their parasitic effects should be reduced whereas their frequency may vary of optimum operation should be maximized. It's another type of energy that exists simply on top of the visible the pit (wavelength) within the high spectrum of non-particulate radiation. Besides infrared and visual lightweight, a 3rd sort of lightweight known as Ultra-Violet (UV) exists slightly below the visible violet region of the sunshine spectrum. Like light, IR lightweight will travel through air or water. It's conjointly unremarkably sent through glass or plastic fibers in a very technology called fiber optics. The foremost common device accustomed emit IR lightweight could be a special sort of junction rectifier called associate in nursing infrared-emitting diode, or IRED. The infrared controller circuit block on your electrical device fundamentals board uses one in all these output transducers to emit pulses of IR lightweight. IR photons square measure generated by the IR emitter's semiconductor PN junction once the junction is forward biased. As the incident IR candlepower will increase, photocurrent will increase, that causes the input voltage of the Schmitt-triggered gate to extend. Once the edge voltage of the gate is exceeded, the output of the gate goes low and turns the output semiconductor unit off. Once the semiconductor unit is off, the output of the IR detector is open and may be force high with associate in nursing external resistance to VCC. Associate in Nursing IR source of illumination are often turned on and off to send pulses of sunshine that represent logical highs and lows. This technique is often accustomed exchange digital knowledge. Your board uses this method to send and receive digital codes. Several factors affect have associate in nursing effect on the performance of an IR data link. The emitter's output power and also the detector's input sensitivity for a given distance and transmission media (air for example) square measure crucial for reliable communications. Matching IR wavelengths and physical alignment of the 2 transducers also are vital.
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