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Case Report, J Otol Rhinol Vol: 5 Issue: 3

Keratoacanthoma in the Ear Helix in Patient with Chronic Renal Failure

Karatas D*, Yuksel F, Mizrak A and Dogan M
Department of Otolaryngology, Versa medical center, Turkey
Corresponding author : Karatas D
Department of Otolaryngology, Versa Medical Center, Nevsehir, Turkey
Fax: 00903522222147
Received: April 05, 2016 Accepted: May 03, 2016 Published: May 08, 2016
Citation: Karatas D, Yuksel F, Mizrak A, Dogan M (2016) Keratoacanthoma in the Ear Helix in Patient with Chronic Renal Failure. J Otol Rhinol 5:3. doi:10.4172/2324-8785.1000280


Although keratoacanthomas (KA) are not rare in the head and neck area, patients with this type of tumor rarely consult an otolaryngologist for treatment. Keratoacanthoma is a common, benign cutaneous neoplasm that displays rapid growth on sun-exposed skin. Keratoacanthomas usually involute spontaneously after several months but rarely progress to squamous cell carcinoma. The majority of the cases is treated by surgical excision. The aim of this article is to report a case of keratoacanthoma in the helix of the left auricle in patient with chronic renal failure.

Keywords: Keratoacanthoma; Auricle; Chronic renal failure; Helix

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