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Editorial, Arch Transplant Vol: 5 Issue: 2

Living Organ Donation


More than 100,000 people within us are expecting an organ to become available for a transplant which will save their lives. Many organ donors live donors. How are you able to be a living organ donor? Most people are often organ donors. Many of us prefer to donate an organ upon their death. But an individual can donate certain organs while he or she remains living. These people are called "living donors. A living donor must be: In good general health. Free from diseases which will damage the organs, like diabetes, uncontrolled high vital sign, or cancer. At least 18 years old, typically. Who are you able to donate to? You can direct your donation to someone you know: a loved one, a friend, a co-worker, or an individual that you simply know needs an organ. Otherwise you can donate to someone in need by donating to the national roll. you'll also want to speak together with your doctor about paired organ exchange.

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