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Editorial, Arch Transplant Vol: 5 Issue: 3

Organ Transplantation and Rejection


A graft is that the transplantation of an organ or tissue to a special location, with the goal of replacing a missing or damaged organ or tissue. Grafts are typically moved without their attachments to the cardiovascular system and must reestablish these, additionally to the opposite connections and interactions with their new surrounding tissues. There are differing types of grafts counting on the source of the new tissue or organ. Tissues that are transplanted from one genetically distinct individual to a different within an equivalent species are called allografts. a stimulating variant of the allograft is an isograft, during which tissue from one twin is transplanted to a different . As long because the twins are monozygotic (therefore, essentially genetically identical), the transplanted tissue is virtually never rejected. If tissues are transplanted from one area on a private to a different area on an equivalent individual

Keywords: Organ, Transplantation.

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