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Research Article, J Otol Rhinol Vol: 9 Issue: 3

Otosclerosis in a Sub-Saharan Zone in Mali

Fatogoma Issa Koné1*, Nagnouma Camara2, Kadidiatou Singaré1, Djibril Samaké3, Neuilly Tafo4, Kassim Diarra1, N ’ faly Konaté1, Naouma Cissé1, Boubacary Guindo1, Siaka Soumaoro1, Mohamed Amadou Kéïta1 and Samba Karim Timbo1

1ENT –Head and Neck Surgeon, University hospital of Gabriel Touré, department of ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, Mali

2ENT –Head and Neck Surgeon, Reference Health Center town III, Mali

3ENT –Head and Neck Surgeon, Reference Health Center town V, Mali

4ENT –Head and Neck Surgeon, Reference Health Center town II, Mali

*Corresponding Author : Dr. Fatogoma Issa Koné
Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Odontostomatology of Mali, ENT-Head and neck surgeon, Department of Surgery, ENT-Head and Neck Surgery, University hospital of Gabriel Touré, Mali

Received: March 31, 2020 Accepted: April 15, 2020 Published: April 22, 2020

Citation: Koné F, Camara N, Singaré K, Samaké D, Tafo N, et al. (2020) Otosclerosis in a Sub-Saharan Zone in Mali. J Otol Rhinol 9:3. doi: 10.3752/jor.9(3).383


This work on otospongios is to evaluate our experience in management. It is a rare pathology in our context more precisely in the black race. The studies on this pathology concerned the study on whites. The prevalence of this pathology remains obscure in our context. In our structure we have tried to highlight the diagnostic and therapeutic aspects. We collected fourteen cases of otosclerosis. The clinical examination and the computed tomography allowed us to choose the operable cases in 85.8% with favorable consequences. Our study highlights the lack of management familiarity of these cases especially in the black race.

Keywords: Osteodystrophy; Platinotomy; Stapedo-vestibular ankylosis; Therapeutic measures

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