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Editorial, Jwhic Vol: 10 Issue: 5

Young Researchers Forum - Young Scientist Awards new age audit approach to assess older adults living environments for positive health outcomes

Dr. Lisa A. Hollis, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing, Chicago State University



Progressive Conference 2020

Progressive Conference 2020 Progressively, maturing grown-ups (e.g., Baby Boomers) will be needing to "age set up" in their homes and work environments. This is an impression of the current and anticipated maturing patterns on a worldwide premise (e.g., World Health Organization, 2015). An exhaustive substance meta-examination of existing "age well disposed" rules (recordings, agendas, workshops, books, research articles) and appraisal draws near (distributed apparatuses) was led by two free evaluators prepared in appraisal so as to create both a genuinely necessary "all encompassing" hypothetical model of components to consider when assessing homes, work environments, and bigger networks and a related appraisal device. Components related with the social, physical, mental, social, and "calculated" structure of a maturing cordial condition for a more established grown-up will be introduced dependent on complete survey of books, distributed examination, and distributed evaluation devices intended for explicit living situations. Results will examine the suggestions and utilizations of both the exhaustive model and assessment device.

Prestigious Award for Young Research’s at Pediatrics Conference 2020 - Discovering New Exploration in the field of Pediatrics and Neonatal Nursing.


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