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A case report of acne vulgaris: Treated by combination of acupuncture

NM Kiron, Tania Houque

Gono University, Bangladesh

: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res


Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease of the pilosebaceous unit resulting from androgeninduced increased sebum production, altered keratinisation, inflammation and bacterial colonization of hair follicles on the face, neck, and back by Propionibacterium acnes. There is no ideal treatment for acne, although a suitable regimen for reducing lesions can be found for most patients. New research is needed into the therapeutic comparative effectiveness and safety of the many products available. In this case report, it was evaluated, acupuncture therapy used in combination with pharmaceutical medication appeared to be more effective than pharmaceutical medication alone in increasing the number of cured patients with acne. However, further studies are needed to confirm this finding. Here a case report of acne treated with acupuncture from Bangladesh is reported and its effectiveness is highlighted.


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