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Biomimetic peptides: Synergistic strategies in cosmetology and aesthetic dermatology in the future of antiaging

Tiziana Lazzari

University of Genoa, Italy

: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res


The use of peptides brings excellent results in all cases in which the efficiency of the skin has decreased relaxation, expression lines, lack of firmness and for this reason, they are also used in different pre-treatment formulations and support for aesthetic medicine treatments. Here follows some effects: increase the effectiveness of cosmetic formulations and mesoformulations (including fillers), anti-aging, anti-pigmentation, hair loss reduction, promotion of skin re generation, anticellulite action, degradation of skin fat Can stimulate the production of collagen, elastin, other matrix proteins and glucosaminoglycans. The GHK (Liver Cell Growth Factor) is an example of a signal peptide and was one of the first peptides discovered in this bioactivity. In cosmetics we tend to use only very short chains with peptides composed of 3, 4 sometimes 6 amino acids. This allows a considerably broader field of action, a greater effectiveness, but above all they have a particular specificity of action. In cosmetics are used bound to lipophilic molecules, or alternatively inside liposomes (obviously in order to optimize skin absorption). In dermatology and in aesthetic medicine, currently, peptides are known in relation to all possible applications for the stimulation of collagen synthesis, as well as for the "botox-like" effects related to the treatment of wrinkles.


Tiziana Lazzari has graduated from the Liceo Classico Cristoforo Colombo in Genoa, Tiziana Lazzari graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Genoa in 1988 with praise and specializes in Dermatology and Venereology at the same University. After specialization she attended master classes and courses in Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery in Italy and abroad. From 1991 to 1998 she collaborates with the Dermatological Clinic of the University of Genoa, where she performed dermatosurgery activity. At the same time, she worked at the Istituto Medicina Domani in Genoa as Director of Clinical Activity (1991-1993) and Clinical Research (1993-1994). From 2010 to July 2016 has been director of the Lazzari Medical Center (C.M.L.), a dermatology and aesthetic medicine clinic with a surgical outpatient. She is currently performing clinical, surgical and cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery in Genoa at the Villa Montallegro Clinic, where she regularly offers free consultancy to cancer patients in collaboration with LILT (Lega Italiana Tumori) in Genoa. In 2011 she’s been awarded with the ARMR Award (Foundation for Research on Rare Diseases) for merit and commitment in the field of technological research at the service of dermatological surgery specially targeted at the treatment of traumatic and/or surgical scars with laser techniques and radiofrequency. She is conducting conferences in Italy and abroad, she teaches in aesthetic medicine while following courses in Italy. In the years 2013-2017, as part of the events sponsored by the Science Festival in Genoa, she has been the President of the first four editions of the National Congress of G.I.S.T. (Italian Study Group on Technologies). She is enrolled in scientific and academic associations, such as ISPLAD, SIDCO, SIDEMAST, SIES and SIME.

E-mail: [email protected]

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