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Chloride removal from the secondary source of zinc

N Dakhili, A Mashverat, H Razavizadeh, M T Salehi and S H Seyedein

Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


Zinc containing wastes/secondary's such as zinc ash, dross, flue dusts, sludge, residue etc. are generated in various chemical and metallurgical industries. The materials contain different level of impurities depending on the source. If zinc content material, like zinc ash and zinc slag contains various amounts of chlorides like zinc chloride, zinc oxy-chloride which comes from ammonium chloride and other chloride fluxes used by galvanizers, the chloride content has to be removed for the evaluation of this secondary resource for recovery as zinc metal or zinc oxide. The results (of the galvanizing slag’s treating that left after some pyrometallurgical presses) indicate that roasting at 800°C for 30 min followed by alkali washing treatment at 70°C for 45 min by 1/6 solid/liquid ratio and 1.5 times the stochiometric amount will useful for chloride removal with 94% efficiency.


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