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Embracing the challenge of empowering the world to re-establish a sustainable balance back to our use of global resources through sustainable economic development

William Sosinsky

Energime University, USA

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


Humankind will face unprecedented challenges in the 21st century if we are to advance and prosper. Over the next few decades our current global societal structure is fundamentally threatened by an exploding population which has unsustainably increased the demands we are putting on our finite natural resources. Those impacts threaten our fragile environment as they put at risk all the systems of support we depend on for our basic survival needs and continued economic growth. How well and efficiently we respond to these challenges will define the quality of life and the vibrancy of our environment for generations to come. Though we are beginning to respond to these issues by creating new technologies, applications and advanced production and management protocols, there is still a problem. Unfortunately the concerns over scalability and implementation capabilities are becoming the critical weak links in the building of this essential infrastructure. Along with our uneducated and unengaged consumer based population, we are putting our promising future in jeopardy. Our failure to address these vulnerabilities and shortfalls may ultimately derail and delay our adequate response to these immediate threats. Without a coordinated and focused methodology supported by a trained and prepared workforce we are destined to fall short of correcting our current imbalances before we do permanent damage to the resources we can ill afford to lose. What is needed is a centralized education and training platform to help prepare that workforce, engage and educate our consumers and link together efforts from around the world in coordinated action that supports the only reasonable possibility we have in addressing these challenges…that being sustainable economic development.


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