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Evaluation with realistic correlation models of solar radiation applied to capital of Turkey

Lutfu S Sua and Figen Balo

Firat University, Turkey

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


Distribution issue of the conventional energy sources brings out the use of renewable energy sources. Environmental issues also play a role in the choice of the use of renewable energy sources. Yet today, rather than environmental requirements, the use of renewable energy has become increasingly important because of strategies used by the developed countries to meet their energy demands. Correspondingly in recent years, all countries have been working to increase the share of renewable energy among other energy production methods to ensure energy independence. In this study, in order to design PV system for maximum efficiency under the climatic conditions in Turkey analysis of the province under investigation is conducted on a simulation software using the deterministic solar radiation models in accordance with the climatic conditions.


Lutfu S Sua holds a PhD on Production and Operations Management from University of Mississippi. His research interests include mathematical modelling, renewable energy efficiency and system design. He is currently Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering.

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