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Health safety and environment, HSE in oil and gas industry

Atukwase Alex Makambura

Makerere University, Uganda

: J Chem Appl Chem Eng


Practical safety trials/measures are not satisfactory to protect human, economic plus environmental assets in the oil and gas industry. Upholding Health Safety and Environment (HSE)as an alternative approach is of great importance. The aim of Health Safety Environment (HSE) is to evaluate, manage safety culture among the employees of an oil &gas sector. Improving safety, not only psychological and personal factors, organization and environmental factors should carefully be investigated, the actual problem be identified, appropriate solving methodologies be implemented, ultimately incidents rates will reduce. Individual unsafe behaviors, pervasive organization defects lie behind the majority causes of the hazards. Though many DOES and DON’TS have been anticipated in HSE policy, people have negative belief. This determines the system of multiple defenses that an organization makes and maintains to guard against injuries to its employees and damage to its property through HSE. The HSE management system is a social system, based on the staff operating it; its success depends on three items: Its scope, whether employees are informed about it and whether they are well disposed. HSE culture is number one priority in oil and gas sector as the way of formulating and addressing and contribute to the reasonable applicable reduction of related accidents, fatalities ,losses( both time and property), and occupational health. Successful implementation of HSE best practice policy takes time and commitment from the entire oil and gas organization, can significantly improve environmental performance and minimize the environmental destruction that occur as a result of oil and gas exploration and production thus sustainable development and Effective running of an HSE will provide ongoing environmental benefits, cost savings and contribute to building an attractive work place culture.



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