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Human evolution vs extinction

Gianna J Link

Cornell University Medical College, USA

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


We either change and evolve as one global consciousness or we perish as a species, as previous civilizations did before us. The earth will heal itself once we are gone. Collective Cosmic Consciousness is the BioEM quantum energy field; a noosphere created by 6.5 billion people interacting with each other and with nature as one global consciousness. This has been supported by the research by the Noetic Science Institute originated in Princeton University. Quantum physics supports that the entire universe is a projection of consciousness, as documented by the quantum entanglement particle. In Cern, they discovered the “God particle” and research with the double split experiment has proven that we change our reality by observing it. Technology advances exponentially creating our new reality. An evolutionary transformation of humanity is inevitable, as it merges with the technological singularity advancing ultimately to a cosmological singularity. The global fallout and shifts occurring in our world require us to either evolve collectively as one global consciousness or perish. Awakening the collective consciousness is imperative for our survival by developing a new planetary ethical code and creating a new reality. Humanity is required to change dramatically and irreversibly, achieving the next human evolution. To ensure our survival we must make a critical choice now, to be the first civilization to survive on a new viable earth.


Gianna J Link is an international Neurologist with subspecialties in Neuropsychiatry from Harvard, neurorehabilitation from Cornell and neuroimmunology from the Karolinska Institute. She has obtained her PhD Degree in Neuroimmunology and was awarded a scholarship to study medicine. She did professional teaching appointments and has worked in academic institutions, as stroke Neuro Hospitalist as well as, in the Neuro Consultant in private sector and performing medical legal work as export witness. She has published multiple research papers and her original thesis was on Multiple Sclerosis. She has been awarded for her outstanding service and was professional of the year representing Neurology in Cambridge Who's Who, “Doctor of Excellence” by The Leading Physicians of the World. She has been voted as Most Compassionate Physician by her patients; has appeared on radio and TV shows and has Chaired in Board Medical Committees.

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