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Impact of Garbha Samskara on postpartum emotions: Randomized controlled trial

Rekha Chaudhari and Neha Sharma

Mothers Touch Foundation, India
Warwick Research Services, UK

: Int J Ment Health Psychiatry


In Ancient Indian Scriptures, Garbha Samskara is a set of practices carried out during pregnancy for emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually healthy mother and child. Present study was undertaken to assess impact of Garbha Samskara on maternal cognitive and psychological variables, the mother-infant interaction and the infant's development. Prospective, randomized, controlled, trial was conducted in Rajasthan, India. Subjects were randomized to a Garbha Samskara group or Control group (information booklet) to assess maternal cognitive and emotional status, mother-infant interaction and the development of the infants. Both groups were compared at child birth, 6-weeks and 3 months postpartum. Garbha Samskara resulted in greater improvement (P<0.01) in mothers' depression, anxiety and stress scales as well as in the cognitive function test (p<0.001). The intervention had positive effects on the mother-infant interaction with the higher scores for attachment security and for competence. This study demonstrates that there is a significant impact of Garbha Samskara on emotional and cognitive functioning in mothers during the postpartum period.



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