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Innovative solutions for energy efficiency in the US Caribbean territories

Anntonette Zembrzuski Alberti

JD Redfeather Green Energy Development, Inc., USA

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


Redfeather focuses on implementing building-based clean energy solutions in emerging markets. Redfeather’s mission is to provide “innovative financial strategies for building efficient clean energy in emerging economies while improving environmental health and raising awareness.” Our innovation is not in technology – it is in transaction “smoothing” strategies that reduce transaction costs and mitigate non-payment risk, allowing the deployment of proven technologies in underserved markets. Redfeather offers no-money-down energy efficiency and clean on-site generation solutions to commercial building owners in the U.S. Caribbean territories. Fully integrated energy services companies are scarce in the Caribbean, a region where electricity and fuel rates are among the highest in the world. Redfeather’s energy efficiency solutions include equipment upgrades, installations of building control systems, building envelope improvements, solar or cleaner burning gas on-site generation and promoting behavioral/managerial changes. Our investments reduce reliance on dirty fossil-fuel power generation and cut down pollution while helping Caribbean businesses improve their profitability. Redfeather’s near-term expansion plans include a larger geographic presence in the Caribbean Basin. At Redfeather, we have the creative transaction ideas, the energy expertise, grassroots organizing skill and the passion to break open the commercial buildings-based clean energy market. Already high power prices are on the rise in the U.S. Caribbean territories. Puerto Rico has announced the need to raise power prices by 26% and the U.S. Virgin Islands commercial electricity rate has increased by 20% this past week. As of February 6, 2017, the commercial power rate in Puerto Rico has risen to 22.02 cents per kilowatt-hour (“kWh”) and, in the Virgin Islands, it is 38.85 cents/kWh. For comparison purposes, the average commercial rate in the mainland U.S. is 10.47 cents/kWh. Island business owners understand more than anyone the importance of reducing their costly energy bills and the impacts of fossil energy generation on the fragile island environment.


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