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Japanese challenge of introducing renewable energies: Policy, economics, technology and reaction of existing electric power companies

Akihiro Kogure

LTR Partners, Japan

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


In Japan, Feed-in-Tariff scheme started from July 2012 replacing RPS and revising existing purchasing scheme for PV electricity. Thanks to FIT, Japanese renewable energy was introduced very much. The most of them are PVs. Government make some amendment on FIT from 2017. Their main purpose is to meet energy mix at 2030 and lower the cost of FIT at the same time. There are 4 main factors: Policy and regulation, Power generation Technology (including cost), Finance and power system. Policy and regulation is the main key. But, many company rely on it excessively. Cost reduction and new business model is highly needed. Finance sector also rely on FIT. But it is also needed to invest new business scheme. Power system in Japan is very different from those in other countries. Inter connection is limited not only with other country but also within Japan. To make maximum use of the electricity generated from renewable energies, the technology and operation policy of power system have to be changed dramatically. Technological innovation for smart grid has to be introduced.


Akihiro Kogure is the President of LTR Japan Partners. LTR Partners provide consulting service mainly to the energy companies and technology industry. He has established first Japanese electricity power retail company which sells electricity mainly generated from renewable energies.

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