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Nanotechnology in cosmetics

Tariq Mahmood

University of Central Punjab, Pakistan

: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res


Nanotechnology and nanomaterials based products are finding their way from electronics to medicine and now sets a multi-trillion industry. This transformation is also finding its applications in the field of cosmetics by taking the name of nanocosmetics. A variety of products including moisturizers, hair care products, makeup and sunscreens has used nanotechnology. Currently, research focuses on delivery of functional cosmetics using delivery systems such as liposomes, niosomes, solid lipid nanoparticles, nano structured lipid carriers, nanocrystals, Nanoemulsions and many more. A brief review of latest findings on delivery systems will be presented in this lecture. More precisely, discussing on potential next generation cosmetic delivery agents that can provide enhanced skin hydration, bioavailability, stability of the agent and controlled occlusion. Specific information on potential risks caused by the nanomaterials both to human life and also to the environment and regulations are part of discussion. Depending upon the availability of time, some other concerns may come under discussion like the type of nanomaterials used, as well as stability, potential for skin absorption, route of exposure, and how they are formulated in cosmetic products.


Tariq Mahmood completed his college education in 2001and moved to Bahawalpur City in order to receive his Pharm D degree in Pharmacy from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan, in 2008, and the MPhil and PhD degrees in Pharmaceutics from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Bahawalpur, Pakistan, in 2010 and 2013, respectively. In 2013, he joined the Department of Pharmacy, The University of Faisalabad, as an Assistant Professor, and in 2014 joined University of Central Punjab as an Assistant Professor and Deputy Director Research. He has several years of experience as a faculty member at Faculty of Pharmacy and has authored several peer-reviewed publications, oral presentations, and has delivered invited professional presentations. His research interests are centered on outcomes of drug development and nanocarriers. He is HEC approved PhD supervisor and to date, has supervised more than fifteen postgraduate students in discipline of Pharmaceutics. Additionally, he is reviewer / editorial board member of several internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. He was short-listed for prestigious LUSH prize award, UK in 2013. In Young Researcher Award category, he was the only one short-listed from all over the Asia

E-mail: [email protected]

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