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Revolutionary battery regeneration technology

Young-Joon Yu

Repowertek Inc., Korea

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


PRIME battery regeneration system was developed by Repowertek Inc. in Korea as the new revolutionary battery regeneration technology that revivifies sulphation on the grid of used & dismantled lead-acid batteries by unique electronic and high frequency pulse technology and that activates sulfation to restore the sulfated batteries and improve capacity like new battery condition. The PRIME battery regeneration technology is a green energy technology that extends the battery life over twice. It is a breakthrough that contributes to cost saving as well as global warming, energy scarcity and environment pollution. The principle of the PRIME regenerator is similar to that of ultrasonic cleaner that cleans fine pollutants on the glasses and this technology is a proprietary technology that is far superior to all of the restoration technologies in the world. Battery related companies can do the maintain services for Solar & Wind Power plants - Eco Town and environmental systems there powered by renewable energy, Telecom, UPS, Marine, Electric Forklift, Lift, Scrubber and other traction cars, Train of Mine, Golf Cart, Military and so on. You will find a huge business potential with PRIME products accordingly. You can reduce much amount of battery costs through PRIME machines from now on. Let us create a new emerging market together.


Young-Joon Yu has led all of the developments, resulting in battery regeneration equipment, which is known as the restoration of all kinds of lead-acid batteries with high pulse frequency technology, which is a new concept for domestic and global markets. To change the world’s entire regeneration paradigm, the technology manuals has been written by him and he trains overseas buyers through online. As such, this is the most comprehensive technical capability of him. He is responsible for all overseas marketing and sales and sells to approximately 50 countries. Through various experiences of 20 years of corporate CEOs, he is striving to gain the worldwide share of the markets.

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