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Roadmap to running a successful aesthetic medical clinic

Pyn Lim

European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery, Ireland

: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res


Running a cosmetic clinic has been challenging and with so many competitors out there, how can one stand out from the crowd. Also with so much information that you can find in social media and internet, how can your stories be heard from the audience and how as a clinic owner create a story that can reach out to their target audience they want. Once they are able to get their audience to call the clinic for inquiries, how can they create an unforgettable experience and how can they improve their conversion rate. How many times should a follow up call be? How quickly should be the response time in order to capture the audience if they have any miss calls? How can they build a better customer relationship in order to improve customer retention rates? It is proven that it is cheaper to retain and get new spending on existing patients than to try to get new patients. So, is there a full proof strategy to retain existing customers? In this presentation, I would like to discuss and share my experience with the audience on how to address each of the above questions. We will look into some examples of how some companies using ‘thinking out of the box’ idea to achieve the results they want.


Pyn Lim received her BSc degree in business and management in 1994 from Bradford University, United Kingdom. She has been an entrepreneur since 2000. After working as a SAP consultant for more than a decade, she started her first IT SAP consulting business and worked on projects for companies such as Roche Vitamins Pharmaceutical (Asia, Australia and USA region), KPMG and Hewlett Packard. During this period, her main industry focus was on the medical and education sector. In 2004, she founded Knowledge Park Education Centre which is a school that provides ‘think-out-of-the-box” education in different subjects for children. In 2006 she founded her first aesthetic medical clinic called Venus, and 2 years later founded European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery (ECAMS) with the vision to raise the standards in education for doctors and surgeons internationally who have a huge appetite to upgrade and learn new techniques in aesthetic world. For more than a decade, she has successfully brought the aesthetic clinic from zero to a multi-million euro company and sucessfully promoted the clinic’s doctor to become the most sorts after doctor in Ireland. She is also regularly invited to speak in aesthetic congresses. With her vast experience, and through running the training business, she has very often been approached by international doctors and aesthetic clinics to help them in developing their business. This then led her to starting ECAMSInnovation; a company focusing on creating business development for aesthetic doctors/surgeons, and clinics.

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