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Role of autonomic nervous system on skin ageing; Noninvasive screening by heart rate variability test

M Rajajeyakumar

Trichy SRM Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, India

: J Clin Exp Dermatol Res


Autonomic nervous system (ANS) plays a role in the intrinsic skin ageing and it could be minimal compared to external factors induced, especially sun exposure. Most of the cutaneous vascular functions controlled by ANS such as the local blood flow and the loss of fluid through sweat. A recent hypothesis about a possible relationship between wrinkles and ANS activity and reversible wrinkling of the skin in response to water immersion is a marker of the limb sympathetic function. Factors that increase sympathetic activity such as stress, smoking and amphetamine may induce skin wrinkling. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the indirect measures of global ANS activity like high frequency [HF], low frequency [LF], LF/HF ratio. Facial xerosis was related to a decreased HF component that means impairment of parasympathetic autonomic activity. It might be associated with a decrease sweat production and stimulate vasodilatation which in turn leads to skin xerosis. Application of local and systemic administration of drugs and medical devices which electrically modulate autonomic nervous system activity and prognosis of skin ageing.


M Rajajeyakumar, MBBS, MD (Physiology), MSc Yoga, CCEBDM (PHFI), (PhD), has completed his MD Physiology,(2006-2009) at (JIPMER- An Institution of National Importance under the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India). I worked as research assistant (2009-2012) in the Advanced Centre for Yoga Therapy, Education & Research Lab, and JIPMER. I published more than 72 research papers and serving as an editorial board member (80) and expert reviewer (35) of many national and international journals. I have been invited for honorable guest Speaker in Fitness-2015, Philadelphia, USA, and chairperson for the international conference 9 th Indo global summit on cancer therapy -2015, India. I was selected as Speaker and chairperson for 12th,13th& 14 th AsiaPacificMedicalEducationConference-3rd, 4 th & 5 th International Conference on Faculty Development in the Health Professions, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS, Singapore 2015,16 & 17. I presented a scientific research paper in World Diabetes Congress Dec-2015, IDF, Vancouver, Canada. I have been appointed as Advisory Council members of Pure Action, Yoga is Medicine, Austin, TX 78703, USA and organizing committee member of international conferences (42). I have been honored and received 10 awards, including national and international level.

E-mail: [email protected]

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