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The positive effect of VIT on other allergies

Leonora Hana-Lleshi

Isa Grezda, Kosovo

: J Clin Immunol Res


Hymenoptera venom allergy (HVA) is an immunoglobulin E (IgE)-mediated hypersensitivity, which includes the anaphylacticshock. Venom immunotherapy (VIT) is the etiologic treatment of the HVA with 75-98% efficacy.

Objective: To study the role of VIT on the other IgEmediated sensitizations on HVA patients.

Material and methods: Three patients, one female 12 ,one boy 15 and one male 28 years old, resulted hymenoptera venom, pollens ad mites respectively due to intradermoreaction and prick test, and confirmed by specific IgE detection. They were subcutaneously treated with VIT because of their HVA, beginning with solution 1mcg/ml, than 10 and 100mcg/ml (Apis mellifera, L-tyrosine solution, ANNALLERGO). The maintenance dose of 100mcg was reached in 15 weeks in a cluster schedule, and the treatment continued every 4 weeks along 5 years or more. Generally, our patients have supported very well the VIT.

Results/discussion: The annual patients’ analysis of the specific IgE revealed a continuous level reduction not only for the bee venom but also for other allergens (pollens and mites) along 3 consecutive years of VIT.

Conclusion: Our findings suggest that VIT may have a significant role on the improvement of other IgEmediated allergies. However, the role of VIT should be confirmed throughfurther studies and clinical/ laboratory parameters.


Leonora Hana-Lleshi ,MD allergist-immunologist G.H.”Isa Grezda”Gjakova,Kosovo. (Born on 03/01/71-mm/dd/yy) in Gjakova,Kosovo). 1990-1996 certified as GP in the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Craiova,Romania). 2001-2005 certified as specialized allergist- immunologist in UCCK-Prishtina,Kosova. 2004-6 months I was in UHC”Mother Theresa”Tirana , Albania in training in field of clinical allergology. 2012- certified as Master degree in Medical Science. I’m a supporter of WAD in our local area organizing local conferences supported by KIAAA and by GINA PI of GAN -Global Asthma Network project in Gjakova Kosovo. My goal of investigation is about the positive effect of Venom Immunotherapy on other allergies also too to offer the best for the. treatment of allergy sufferers.

E-mail: [email protected]

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