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Will emerging fuel-free energy production technologies be enough to control or even reverse climate change?

Richard L Stephens Jr

Aesop Energy LLC & Fuel Free Aviation, Inc., USA

: Expert Opin Environ Biol


Emerging technologies around the world are presenting revolutionary, clean, effective and economically viable alternatives to existing mobile and fixed power generating equipment. Many technologies are expected to rapidly supersede mankind’s reliance on combustion or nuclear fission for locomotion, transportation or power generation. The amazing energy breakthroughs coming to market will initially enable resilient widely dispersed power sources to replace fuel burning engines and supplement electric power grids. The potential long-term applications and benefits to society and our planetary ecosystem are astounding. The continued progression of our changing climate requires the synergistic development of renewables through these emerging technologies; and rapidly increasing the adoption and distribution of these new energy resources is imparative. Every means possible must be utilized to develop and implement point of service and micro-grid technologies bringing greatly reduced carbon and carbon-free energy to all populations through a much improved distribution system. In the developed and the developing world, utilities and governments must accommodate growing electricity demand on a warming planet only through the use of these carbon free technologies supplying more electricity to these populations. The technologies must not only bring real reduction in green-house gas emissions but in addition, we must use the carbon free technologies to achieve massive decarbonization. With the level of CO2 in our atmosphere now well above the 400 PPM threshold, self-reinforcing feedback loops will quickly render any mediocre efforts pointless. The threat of a massive burst of methane from the Arctic Ocean will certainly compound the problem faced by our planetary inhabitants. Only through the utilization of emission free, limited carbon intensive technologies and a massive research and implementation effort will an effective challenge be made to our rapidly changing atmosphere. AESOP Energy LLC is a technology development firm located in Sebastopol, California.


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