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Jeffrey Jacobson

Editorial Board Member

Jeffrey Jacobson, MD
Department of Medicine, Neuroscience and Neurovirology,
Temple University, USA

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Journal of Vaccines and Clinical Trials is a peer reviewed journal that focusses on the publication of advancements in the process of vaccine development encompassing laboratory and animal studies, preclinical stage studies, clinical trials and approval and licensure for novel vaccines and drugs. Vaccine research involves the study of antigenic biomolecules capable of instigating adaptive immune responses in individuals against specific diseases, their way of administration, study of their efficacy, large scale distribution and long term effects.

The journal also publishes findings on clinical trials of vaccines, drugs, dietary supplements and medical devices on human participants, in order to closely monitor its efficiency, associated safety issues, behavioral and physiological response, side effects and allergies if any. The journal aims at providing factual knowledge on the pros and cons of vaccination in adults and children. Manuscripts elucidating the molecular mechanism of adaptive immune responses concurrent with immunization with antigenic substances are solicited.The journal accepts original manuscripts in the form of research article, review article, short communication, case report, letter-to-the-Editor and Editorials for publication.

All the published articles are open access and can be accessed online without any subscription charges and will receive the benefit of extensive worldwide visibility. The Editorial Manager System helps in maintaining the quality of the peer review process and provides easy access to the authors to track the process of manuscript evaluation and publication in an automated way. All the submitted manuscripts undergo peer review by the subject matter experts under the supervision of the Editor-in-Chief or assigned Editorial committee member of the Journal of Vaccines and Clinical Trials. Approval of at least two independent reviewers and the editor is mandatory for the acceptance of the manuscript for publication.

The following classifications and topics related to it will be considered for publication in Journal of Vaccines and Clinical Trials but, not limited to the following fields:

  • Human vaccines
  • Immunology
  • Vaccinology
  • Viral vaccines
  • Therapeutic vaccines
  • Antiviral therapy
  • DNA vaccine
  • Epidemiology
  • Vaccinations
  • Autoimmune disease


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