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A Comprehensive Review on Solar Air Heater Heat-Transfer and Friction Characteristics


Creating artificial turbulence by roughening the surface of a fully formed turbulent flow is an efficient method to enhance the rate of heat transfer. The roughness geometries on the artificially roughened solar air heater duct were found to have an effect on heat transmission and friction properties. In this paper, roughness arrangements and geometries are investigated in order to enhance the heat transmission capacity of the solar air heater duct. This study investigates how to make the absorber plate of solar air heaters artificially rough by adding repeated ribs, or just rib roughness (SAHs). When it comes to rib surface roughness, there are many different types to choose from. These ribs are put through their paces to determine whether their design has improved and, as a result, if the results have changed. This article has covered many of the potential determinants of SAH efficacy. HT mechanics and smooth movement throughout the rib cage is the subject of this study. Numerous recent developments in the roughness of the SAH repeating ribs have been made.

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