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A methodology for efficiency optimization of betavoltaic cell design using an isotropic planar source having an energy dependent beta particle distribution
A methodology for efficiency optimization of betavoltaic cell design using an isotropic planar source having an energy dependent beta particle distribution
CsPbBr3 Quantum Dot Films with High Luminescence Efficiency and Irradiation Stability for Radioluminescent Nuclear Battery Application
Non-Adhesive Transfer Process of Carbon Nanotube Forests onto Flexible Kapton Substrates
Promoting energy efficiency and longevity in energy neutral sensor systems
Introduction to Micro Energy Harvesting
Conversion of Radiophotoluminescence Irradiation into Electricity in Photovoltaic Cells. A Review of Theoretical Considerations and Practical Solutions
Infrared properties of micromachined vanadium oxide thin films
Sub-100 nm 3-D fluorescence lifetime imaging using time correlated single photon counting detection and multifocal multiphoton excitation
Wear-resistant thin films of MRI-230D-Mg alloy using plasma-driven electrolytic oxidation
Design and Simulation of GaN pin Diode for High Efficiency Betavoltaic Microbattery
Evaluation of promethium-147 production as a by-product of the fission molybdenum-99 process in Tehran research reactor
Resonant optical gating of suspended carbon nanotube transistor
Nanoscale force sensor and actuator with carbon-nanotube network
Statistical Large Scale Approaches to Energy and Sensing Applications
Development of a system based on pulsed laser deposition aiming to produce radioactive thin films
Çok i?levli kompozit malzemeler kullan?larak yap?sal enerji depolama bataryalar?n?n geli?tirilmesi
Desenvolvimento de um sistema baseado em deposição por laser pulsado para o crescimento de filmes finos radioativos
Performance and environment as objectives in multi-criterion optimization of steam injected gas turbine cycles
Prediction of equilibrium products and thermodynamic properties in H2O injected combustion for C?H?O?N? type fuels
Thermodynamic, environmental and economic performance optimization of simple, regenerative, STIG and RSTIG gas turbine cycles
A multi-featured model for estimation of thermodynamic properties, adiabatic flame temperature and equilibrium combustion products of fuels, fuel blends, surrogates and fuel additives
Thermodynamic performance analysis of state of the art gas turbine cycles with inter-stage turbine reheat and steam injection
Energy and exergy analysis of a simple gas turbine combined with linde cycle and N2 injected into the compressor of the gas turbine
Uranium extraction by sulfonated mesoporous silica derived from blast furnace slag
A New Spectrophotometric Method for Thorium Determination Using 1, 4-Dihydroxyanthraquinone
A novel method for extractive spectrophotometric determination of uranium by Azur II dye in some geological samples
An innovative spectrophotometric method for determination of uranium and thorium using 3-aminomethylalizarn-NN diacetic acid in some geological samples
Sol-Gel Synthesis of NiO/CuO Nanocomposites for Uptake of Rare Earth Elements (Ho, Yb, and Sm) from Aqueous Solutions
Research and Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology
Novel Technologies in Cleft Lip and Palate Deformities
Estudo termofluidodinâmico de reatores nucleares avançados de alta temperatura utilizando o RELAP5-3D
Thermal fluid dynamics study of nuclear advanced reactors of high temperature using RELAP5-3D
Thermal simulation and analysis of the GT-MHR core
Influence of the size of nano- and microparticles and photon energy on mass attenuation coefficients of bismuth–silicon shields in diagnostic radiology
A case study of energy absorption buildup factors in some human bones for gamma energies 30 keV to 1.5 MeV
Experimental and Theoretical Investigation of Tissue Equivalence of Phantom Materials
Towards potential applications of cement-polymer composites based on recycled polystyrene foam wastes on construction fields: Impact of exposure to water ecologies
Calculation of the gamma radiation shielding efficiency of cement-bitumen portable container using MCNPX code
Study of Hazard Indices and Radiological Doses in Phosphate Samples from El-Mahamid Area, Upper-Egypt
Study of Hazard Indices and Radiological Doses in Phosphate Samples from El-Mahamid Area, Upper-Egypt
Accident tolerant fuel rod failure under low stress: A case study of BWR under station blackout using Bison
Assessment of PSA Level 2 for core catcher design using a combined probabilistic and deterministic method for a case study: IR-360 NPP
Prediction of Peak temperatures of nigeria research reactor core components under several reactivity accident tests
Evolution of texture and microstructure during accumulative roll bonding of aluminum AA5086 alloy
Pressure sensing using vertically aligned carbon nanotubes on a flexible substrate
Extruded Mg based hybrid composite alloys studied by longitudinal impression creep
Nuclear battery: a source of environmentally friendly energy
Tunable direct beta-radiation harvester at the nanowatt scale
Comparison of time-related electrical properties of PN junctions and Schottky diodes for ZnO-based betavoltaic batteries
Growth of Tall Vertical Carbon Nanotube Forests using Al-Fe Catalysts and Transfer to Flexible Substrates
Demonstration and aging test of a radiation resistant strontium-90 betavoltaic mechanism
Recent developments in self-powered smart chemical sensors for wearable electronics
Bolometric arrays and infrared sensitivity of VO2 films with varying stoichiometry

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