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A Plant Extract Combination Could Help With Hangover Symptoms

A plant extract made up of fruits, leaves, and roots could aid with hangover symptoms and received wisdom that it's the dehydrating effects of alcohol and the associated loss of electrolytes. The findings suggest that conventional belief that the drying effects of alcohol and the loss of electrolytes (electrically charged minerals in the body that help regulate water content and acid levels) are mostly responsible for some of the most prevalent hangover symptoms is incorrect. Various natural therapies for hangover relief have been suggested however there is currently no sufficient scientific evidence to support their usage. In order to address this, the researchers looked at the ability of particular plant extracts, vitamins and minerals, and antioxidant chemicals to alleviate a variety of physical and psychological symptoms linked to alcohol consumption. Barbados cherry (Acerola), prickly pear, ginkgo biloba, willow, and ginger root were among the plant extracts used. The vitamins and minerals included magnesium, potassium, sodium bicarbonate, zinc, riboflavin, thiamin and folic acid

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