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A Review on Nuclear Waste Management: Status, Challenges and Prospect of Bangladesh

Bangladesh's economy has grown at one of the fastest rates in the world owing to a demographic transition, stable socio economic conditions, foreign remittance and overall exports of domestic goods. As a whole, with the overall increase in industrialization and technological development, there are inevitably enormous prospects for nuclear energy development in Bangladesh's rapidly growing economic conditions. However, the radioactive waste produced by nuclear weapons, nuclear power plants and the production of medical isotopes is one of the most challenging wastes for modern society to manage. High radioactivity necessitates safe isolation from people and the environment until it ceases to be dangerous, which could take a million years or longer. This paper discusses the current nuclear waste status, significant progress, overall challenges and prospects of Bangladesh in the case of managing the most hazardous, radioactive waste management. Nuclear waste management is an ongoing procedure because radioactive decay processes constantly change the chemical composition and physical characteristics of nuclear waste. It is found that, due to numerous nuclear uses, Bangladesh produces Low- Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) and higher level radioactive waste will produce when the county's first Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant (RNPP) goes into action. Radioactive radiation is the main danger posed by human generated nuclear waste, which has two main side effects, genetic and somatic. For example, it has direct physical impacts to harm people in various ways, including chronic, acute and long term injury. Therefore, managing nuclear waste is a field of materials science and engineering problems that must withstand the test of time, from designing engineered facilities and it is reasonably necessary to take immediate actions concerning the legal and regulatory systems to keep the country safe in terms of nuclear waste management.

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