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A Smart Grid Energy Management Optimization Technique

Most of the population worldwide lives in remote rural areas thus face scarcity of electricity very often as few areas are connected with grid infrastructure, and most of the areas still depend on localized diesel-electric power for their livelihood. Continue research and development in the areas of sustainable renewable energy has made it possible to adopt DERs, which are very popular due to their low running cost, zero carbon footprint and autonomy in nature. The authors in this work have understood the need of the hour and attempted to create an energy-efficient integrated controller unit to address interconnectivity problems. The primary function of the proposed integrated controller shall be minimizing unwanted distortion, in turn, maintaining system stability to guarantee clean quality electricity to end consumers and optimizing resource use. Moreover, this article focuses on the design of a novel integrated utility controller circuit that can fulfill the combined goals of stability and optimality. MATLAB environment has been utilized to demonstrate the specific outcome that satisfies the Energy Management System (EMS) goal, including wind/solar PV/energy storage system/diesel generator. The authors in the proposed model have tried to incorporate an IOT kit in order to monitor the system parameter on a real-time basis. This shall help the operator monitor any unusual activities remotely, and immediate attentiveness and required troubleshooting mechanism can be initiated on an emergency basis.

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