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A Study on Health Tourism in Fangqi Village, Shandong, China

The rural tourism is started in Fanggan village since 1998. The main industry was converted from agriculture to the rural tourism in this village. However, farm lands and the number of agricultural workers has been greatly reduced, it cannot simply be optimistic about the future of the village to only focus on tourism. The rural tourism is very popular there are similar rural tourism at many villages in China. Fanggan village is also already face to the next step to explore the features to their own unique development strategies. Every business are managements by the village collective group in this village. Except for the rural tourism industry, they have the nursing homes, the rehabilitation center, and many second-houses for urban people s such as the welfare health preservation industry. Their tourism has evolved from the rule tourism to the health tourism certunly. They understand the changes and demands of society, thereby making the development style of the village.

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