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A Survey Report on Book Recommendation Techniques

The work of studies is helpful in the work of individual and human development, yet the current education system shows that there has been a decline in the field of studies, especially among the youth. We are giving a suggestion to make a suggestion in the field of education. We have explained the system in different parts and have given importance to the books of the field and books that prove useful for the interest of the reader mainly. Today, many books are available on the Internet, due to which the reader has to face many difficulties in finding the right book according to his interest. Our presented mural will present to the student according to his interest and suggestions of a very important book for him. We are presenting here a web application in which the student can enter his presentation and buy the book. After that, our software will look at his interest for the next time and suggest to read his interest like a book read by other students who have been liked more by another student. Our algorithm can be given many awareness. In this paper we are presenting the work in the field of recommendation system that is already available. A study and analysis report about the available recommendation algorithm and their limitation.

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