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Analysis of Time Dependent Regulating Rodís Positional Behavior and Coolant Temperature Behavior in BAEC TRIGA Mark-II Research Reactor


The experiments presented in this paper were conducted by keeping the BAEC TRIGA Mark-II research reactor in the AUTO mode in two consecutive days and approximately three hours of reactor operation per day. The regulating rods position was automatically varied in this mode to ensure constant power operation. Regulating rod’s position variation over time, and coolant temperature changes with regulating rod’s position were observed and analyzed. It has been found that the regulating rod’s position changes necessary for the desired constant power operation were more frequent in the first day compared to the second day which is an indication that the core conditions were different in the two days of operation. Causes of the core condition differences were also briefly explained in this work. The analysis presented in this work is useful to understand reactor core environment at different operating states.

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