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Antibiotic Therapy as Infertility Management

Today infertility is a common problem affecting as much as 15% of couples. Infertility is caused by a variety of reasons, with male reproductive system abnormalities accounting for a large percentage (approximately 35%) and the anatomical anomalies or lesions related to female reproductive organs equally responsible (also approximately 35%). Endometriosis, ovulation abnormalities, autoimmune disorders, genetic abnormalities and asymptomatic genital infections are also major causes of female and male infertility respectively. Unexplained infertility, presented in a large percentage of couples (25-30%), is usually due to undetectable microbial infections by the routine diagnostic techniques available. So far one of the most successful treatment methods available for unexplained infertility is the use of antimicrobial therapy. However, further research is required for the absolute confirmation of the benefits of the antimicrobial therapy as a means of infertility management.

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