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Applicability of Geostatistical Method to Ground Investigation for Embankments of Narrow Detached Houses

Various problems have often been observed recently on narrow detached house embankment grounds. In order to clarify the cause of various problems on narrow detached house ground, it is necessary to grasp the information in the ground in more detail. Currently, when making details of the ground, a method of interpolating between drilled stationary points by a linear method is main stream, and it is general that it is roughly grasped. In this study, we improved a Swedish Weight Sounding test (SWS test) to determine the physical properties of the subsoil underneath weak, narrow and heterogeneous detached house embankment grounds.
Moreover, we predict the cross-sectional distribution of the subsoil characteristics using the Kriging Geostatistical method. Originally Kriging was not used as a strength prediction method in narrow detached house embankment grounds. The results indicate that the Kriging method predicts the subsoil cross-sectional characteristics with high accuracy, and it can be applied to subsoil characterization of detached houses grounds.

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